Your problem - solved!

We are a service provider in software development/software engineering specialized in solving challenging problems in a wide variety of fields using numerous technologies.

You got the problem - we create the tailor-made software solution for it. Always in time, in budget, and to your perfect satisfaction!

Mobile App development

We develop mobile smartphone apps for the Android and iOS-platforms (iPhone, iPad). Our apps utilize all possibilities their platform provides - with optimal performance!

Client development

For the three big desktop platforms - Windows, Mac OS X and Linux - we develop client applications in C++, C# or Java on any framework you require (.NET, Qt5, GTK, Win32, …)

Web development

The advantages of real web applications are compelling. We develop these in HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap) and Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS), mobile and responsive.

Server development

Always accessible to your customers, we implement database applications (PostgreSQL, MySQL), webservices (REST, SOAP) or low-level server applications in C, C++, PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby, Python.

Systems integration

Do you need to put existing pieces of code or even complete systems together to form a whole? Not a problem! We support you in choosing the correct software components and take care of their integration.

Software project management

You prefer to develop a project on your own, in-house? We ensure your software development project completes successfully and supervise you in all phases of the software development cycle.