What is JKlickety?

JKlickety is a clone of the popular game Clickomania to the Java enabled Siemens mobile phones. I always used to play klickety and wanted to have it with me when I am on the road, hence the name!

The current version available is 1.0.

Features and Bugs

The feature set is nearly identical with klickety. You can play games on a 10x16 fields board and see how many blocks are left when the game is over. That's all :-) If there is a feature you absolutely need to have, write me.

The program was tested on the following phone models:

It needs more testing to find more bugs; the most obvious ones were already fixed.


You can download JKlickety here:


Download both files above and copy them into the phone's filesystem into a newly created folder \java\jam\jklickety. That's all. At least on my own S55.

How to use JKlickety

I recommend you hold the mobile phone like shown in the picture at the top of this page. You can then control the cursor with the navigation buttons. Jump into the menu with the power-off-button. All other buttons trigger a 'click' on the gameboard!


JKlickety is (c) 2003,2004 by Thomas Wana <thomas@wana.at>.

You are hereby granted to distribute the game to whomever you want, provided that you don't modify it or charge money for it. Otherwise you have to ask for my permission first. I give no guarantee that the program will function as desired or function at all; furthermore I can in no way be held responsible if the program destroys data or hardware (like your address book or your mobile phone for example) or causes financial or physical damage in any other way. By downloading the program's files and installing them on your phone you agree to these terms and you state that you know what you are doing. All rights remain with the author.

I hope you like it so far :-) This game is donationware - if you like it, please donate, or consider buying me something from my Amazon.com-wishlist :-)